Parcel volumes are projected to double worldwide in the next five years and retailers are facing more pressure from consumers to offer faster deliveries than ever before.

The requirement for adaptability within warehousing and distribution logistics will play a key role in supporting with these demand increases.

Online retail sales in the UK have risen from 33 billion in 2012 reaching 99 billion by 2020 and growing at a faster rate year on year.

The variation of products purchased by consumers creates a real challenge within a picking and packing operation.


For example, the type of solution for picking an item of clothing would differ from the media required to pick beverages, cosmetics, or electronic goods.

The ability to incorporate a wide range of solutions such as bottle crates for picking beverages to utilising divider tubs within euro stacking trays for separating smaller SKU’s is key to increasing productivity within a logistics operation and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The next challenge is having the necessary solutions to support scale up quickly during peak periods such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday or key holiday dates.

Black Friday sales in 2020 grew by 22% from 2019 to $9 billion.

With warehouse space being a premium, the storage of products is key, nesting solutions such as bale arm crates and stack nest trays allow operations to have the necessary products on hand without sacrificing much needed space.

Historically products were often picked into boxes then transported on pallets 1 or 2 at a time.

Mobile trolleys were introduced to allow operators to pick directly at source, by combining the correct media solution with a bespoke picking solution, operations can pick more effectively.

With more product now being picked than ever before new solutions are being introduced such as the latest innovation, the Onit Direct linkable dolly.

This dolly allows multiple stacks of tote boxes, crates or trays to be transported at once by a simple link feature.

With the rapidly changing face of internal logistics adaptation is key and as a solution driven company Onit Direct are on hand to support with your operation.