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75 Litre Wheelie Bin

£54.00 Ex Vat

If you are looking for small waste storage then look no further than our 75 Litre Wheelie Bin. Manufactured from tough high density plastic and able to withstand extreme temperatures this wheelie bin can store approx 1 bag of refuse.

Ideal for areas with space contraints as this 75 litre plastic wheelie bin sits at only 660mm tall.

It is available in Dark Grey and Yellow as standard. Can be used in a wide range of industries including Logistics, automotive, food (for waste only), distribution and retail.



Keeping your wheelie bins safe and secure may be a real pain, especially in the UK. There’s more to consider than just the weather. Wildlife and the fact that wheelie dumpsters are often unsightly should also be considered. There are several solutions to these problems; however, wooden wheelie bin storage containers offer numerous benefits while keeping your wheelie bins secure. These containers store your wheelie bins simply and easily, locking them shut while allowing you to quickly access them and making your bins appear a lot less of an eyesore.

Keeps animals out

There’s no denying that wheelie bin storage sounds like a fancy concept. However, there are various advantages, particularly if you reside in an urban or suburban area. Foxes and rats are a significant issue in these regions, frequently entering wheelie bins and creating havoc. It’s inconvenient to clean up, especially if you’re groggy at 7 am and don’t feel like collecting up last night’s takeaway boxes. This is one instance where wheelie bin storage may be beneficial. The storage is secured with bolts, making it conveniently accessible to you. However, it allows vermin to come in, tip over your wheelie bin, and run amok with your garbage.

Seasonal Bin Storage Advantages

However, this isn’t the only advantage of wheelie bin storage. Whether you choose to keep all of your bins, recycling boxes, or additional containers, storing them safely in storage may be beneficial, especially during the fall and winter months. The repository will prevent the dumpsters from blowing over or the lids rattling about in our dreadful British weather. It also prevents water from accumulating on the bin lids or around the rim. This causes ice and makes getting into the trash a workout in and of itself. There is nothing comparable that can readily protect your bin from all elements.

Bin storage conceals unsightly containers

Let’s face it: bins are an eyesore. Yes, those may be lovely colours. But who wants to gaze onto their carefully tended back lawn and see plastic dumpsters obstructing their view? If this is an issue that troubles you on a daily basis. Wheelie bin storage might be the ideal answer to your problem. This storage can be built of wood to match the natural aesthetic of your garden. Make your dumpsters appear to belong without detracting from the vista you’ve worked so hard to create.

Excellent for Strong Winds

It makes no difference where you reside. High winds might occasionally take your garbage cans for a trip. Nothing is more inconvenient than walking down the street to collect your garbage and its filthy contents. A wheelie storage bin with a wooden lid can provide ideal security against high winds. If desired, the wooden cover can be secured to the floor in locations prone to heavy winds, such as coastal areas. It may also be attached to a wall for additional security.

Wheelie Bin Storage Enhances the Beauty of Your Surroundings

If you keep your bins near your backyard, you may find it difficult to access your garden. You can even have a clog in the front garden. This can be a little unappealing. Wheelie bins, on the other hand, give the required solution. They can design the ideal location to conceal your bins and make waste disposal simple. Having your bins appropriately covered offers your property a cleaner yet more organised appearance from the outside.

Wheelie bin storage is an excellent solution to keep your bins hidden and safe from intruders. They also serve as a wonderful place to hide your garbage cans between garbage collection days. They are designed to provide easy access to the lids of your garbage cans. If you have encountered any of the challenges listed above, consider utilising wheelie bin storage.

There are other benefits to bin storage

Of course, these are only a few of the benefits of wheelie bin storage; there are many more. Whether you want safety and protection or are just tired of staring at brilliantly coloured plastic, whatever number of bins you have, there will be a wheelie bin storage option for you. For a modest cost, you could quickly fix your storage difficulties and have a solution that your neighbours would be envious of; what better way to be the talk of the neighbourhood!

Additional information


Dark Grey, Yellow


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

External Dimensions

460 x 530 x 660mm (L x W H)

Internal Dimensions



75 Litres


6 Kgs


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