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240 Litre Wheelie Bin

£51.58 Ex Vat

The most commonly used household size within UK Councils the 240 Litre Plastic Wheelie Bin is one of our most popular sellers.

With the ability to store approximately 4 refuse sacks or why not utilise for your recycling needs.

Available in 6 colours as standard, perfect for segregating waste such as cardboard, plastics and metal It’s ergonomic design and large rubber wheels ensures the wheelie be moved easily even when full.



Our 240-litre wheelie bin is the trash container most typically used by authorities for garbage collections and is ideal for repairing broken curbside bins. Its large capacity and stable structure make it suited for various types of garbage. However, because different colours are used for different types of trash, we recommend you check with your local government to see which colours they prefer for each type of waste.

It’s ideal for multi-unit residences and houses, materials handling, medical practice treatment rooms or a garbage container in a commercial kitchen.

A bigger wheeled bin capable of holding three to four bags of garbage. Ideal for a small business that generates a lot of waste, glass, card or paper, or other sorts of trash. Depending on your contract and organisational needs, trash can be gathered daily, weekly, or biweekly.

For Business Use

If your company generates three to four garbage bags every day, a 240-litre container may be the best option. It’s the most typical size for garbage and may be collected at various intervals.

Blue, brown, dark grey, green, red, and yellow are just a few colours offered. If you don’t create a large lot of recycling and can schedule it biweekly, this style of container may be appropriate for you.

For Residential Use

This is the most prevalent type of wheelie bin, and you are likely to see one outside your home. These are great for collecting glass and other forms of garbage. Suppose you have a small quantity of recyclable material. In that case, it’s worth purchasing one of these bins and having it collected on a daily or weekly basis so you can separate your recyclables from your garbage and save money on disposal.

240 Litre Wheelie Bin Features

  • It is produced using a small injection moulding method that complies with DIN EN 840 and RAL GZ 951/1 specifications.
  • It’s made of high-density polyethene that’s been carefully engineered to be tough and long-lasting.
  • UV rays are blocked, and the material is resistant to temperature changes and chemicals.
  • 2x 20cm solid rubber wheels with a quiet running surface that can be replaced in the unlikely case of damage
  • Rust resistance is provided via zinc-plated steel axles.
  • Cleaning is made more accessible by the smooth surfaces and curves.
  • Handles are included on the lid to make opening it easier.
  • The sturdy handle on the back of the bin makes moving empty or full containers much easier.
  • Because of the robust stacking ribs, bins may be stacked high, saving space and money on transport.
  • Once the wheelie bin has reached the end of its useful life, all sections of the container may be recycled, decreasing its environmental effect.
  • Blue, Dark Gray, Brown, Green, Yellow, and Red are also available.

High Quality

From the easy-to-clean rounded edges and smooth inside surfaces to the ground-hugging base for optimal stability even when rolling large loads, the 240-litre Wheelie Bin is deliberately constructed for hassle-free operation.

Its one-piece, injection-moulded body of high-density polyethene resists cracking, denting, bending, and weathering and is rated to hold 110kg. With spring-loaded steel locking pins and a corrosion-resistant axle, the solid rubber tyres are non-marking and long-lasting.

The strengthened front comb on the 240-litre Wheelie Bin ensures a precise and safe connection with all standard automatic and semi-automated lifting systems. It has also been certified to meet safety requirements and undergo extensive in-factory testing. You will not get such good quality at such a low price anywhere else.

Additional information


Blue, Brown, Dark Grey, Green, Red, Yellow


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

External Dimensions

580 x 740 x 1080mm (L x W x H)

Internal Dimensions



240 Litres


14.2 Kgs


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