Food Grade Stacking Bin Lid

Food Grade Stacking Bin Lid


Choose between a loose or tight fitting lid to suit our range of food grade stacking bins.  Each lid fits all four sizes of stacking bin in the range and the bins can be stacked with or without the lids in place.  The lids are heavy duty mouldings made from food grade plastic so ideal for use in food manufacturing environments.  The loose fitting lid offers  a substantial cover protecting contents and providing easy access.  The tight fitting lid provides a substantial cover and a more secure fit.  The lids are available in colours that match the bins and correspnding dolly, able to fit into industry colour schemes.


  • Food approved lid manufactured to suit all four bins within our stacking bin range
  • Made from high quality food grade material and extremely hygienic,
  • Choose between a loose or tight fit option
  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Ideal for use within Food Production, Bakeries, Meat Processing, fish processing, ingredient storage, education, construction and a wide range of other industries.
  • Material

    Food grade plastic (MDPE)