Stack & nest crate blue

Stack Nest Bale Arm Crate 15 Litre


The NEST43 is the smallest in our range of bale arm crates.  Designed to stack or nest with the use of a retractable bale arm.  The nesting function offers excellent space saving benefits, the bale arms retract to allow the containers to nest together drasitcally reducing the amount of space they take up.  When full the bale arms can be foled down to allow the containers to stack without damaging the contents.  These reasons make this snack nest bale arm crate ideal for distribution and transportation of product.  Our plastic crates are manufactured from food grade material, so are suitable for use within food manufacturing sites and for the transportation of food product.   The 400 x 300mm footprint is a European standard, designed to stack efficiently on standard pallets and wheeled dollies.


Key features of the stack nest bale arm crate 15 litre:

  • Space saving design
  • Made from food grade plastic
  • Industry standard size
  • Available in a wide range of colour options
  • Printing available


  • Material

    PP (Polypropylene)

  • Dimensions

    External Dimensions (mm) - 400 (L) x 300 (W) x 180 (H)

    Internal Dimensions (mm) - 364 (L) x 262 (W) x 147 (H) 

  • Capacity

    15 Litre