Soft / Hard Broom 610mm

Soft / Hard Broom 610mm

SKU: 3194

This wide broom has a combination of soft and hard bristles, to cope with all sweeping scenarios.  The hard bristles at the front can be used for scrubbing and removing stubborn debris.  Whilst the soft bristles at the back can gather finer paticles and powders.    Manufactured from food grade materials this sweeping broom is ideal for food industry applications.  


Key features of the soft/hard broom 610mm:

-  Combines hard and soft bristle textures

- Can handle fine particles and stubborn debris 

- Large 610mm overall width 

- Certified for food contact environments

- Compatible will full range of Vikan handles

  • Overall Dimensions

    610 x 70 x 125mm (L x W x H)

  • Material


  • Food Grade?


  • Bristle length


  • Bristle texture

    Soft / hard