Plastic Shovel- One Piece

Plastic Shovel- One Piece

SKU: 5625

This one piece shovel is completely free of any dirt traps or areas where bacteria could gather.  Useful for a wide range of applications from shovelling food product or ingredients to clearing waste from the floor.  Available in a wide range of colour options to fit in with any colour coding scheme.  Featuring a D grip, this shovel is strong yet light weight for easy handling.  


Key features of the plastic one piece shovel:

-  Strong one piece construction 

- 12 Colour options

-  Easy to clean and maintain

-  Ergonomic design with D grip handle 

-  Easy to clean with zero dirt traps

- Approved for autoclave or dishwasher

- Certified for food contact applications 

  • Overall Dimensions

    1040 x 270 x 120mm (Length x Width x Depth)

  • Material


  • Food Grade?


  • Pan Dimensions

    327 x 270mm