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Plastic handle to suit Double Dolly (DDOL6040)

£31.29 Ex Vat

  • Plastic rotationally moulded Handle to suit plastic double dolly (Code DDOL6040)
  • It is manufactured from food-approved medium density polyethylene (MDPE).
  • Ideal for Bakeries, food manufacturers, retail and distribution.


An exceptional double plastic dolly that we created and developed for a range of uses in various sectors, including food production, pharmaceuticals, retail, textiles, distribution, catering, farming, horticulture, the meat, and fish industries, and many more.

These plastic dollies are ideal for any application since they can accommodate not one but two stacks of any stacking container or stack/nest container. The plastic dollies’ in-step construction, which accommodates the various shaped bases of these plastic containers, has enabled this incredible achievement.

These plastic dollies are made of food-grade plastic and have a tough construction to withstand repeated use.

With or Without Plastic Handles

The plastic double dolly, which comes in practically any colour you want, can be effortlessly integrated into your usual colour coding habits. The plastic dollies can be ordered with or without a removable plastic handle attached to either end of the plastic dolly. The handle improves the plastic dollies’ manoeuvrability by aiding with manual handling and allows them to be pushed or tugged about without coming into touch with the stacks of trays and containers.

Variety and Durability

The Recycled Plastic Dolly is a brand-new double plastic dolly that has been carefully built to carry a variety of various dimensions and types of plastic boxes. These double plastic dollies can handle up to two stacks of European Stacking Containers (Euro stackers) or Maxinest Bale Arm Baskets (stack/nest crates) and are ideal for nearly any business.

It is made of recycled polyethene plastic and has a sanitary design. It is also highly sturdy and durable. A quick-release handle may be added to these plastic dollies to make them easier to handle

Colour Range

Colour possibilities abound — These plastic dollies come in a wide range of colours. The plastic dollies come in five standard colours often used in the food business. It is available in a variety of recycled colours, including black, blue, red, green, and its typical recycled plastic colour of black; however, we can accommodate practically any colour request, so please contact us with your questions.

Tested and Trusted

This is a decent plastic double dolly to use. These heavy-duty plastic dollies are made in our own UK facility. They’ve been proven to last a long time, and they don’t appear to require replacing after they’ve been acquired!

These plastic dollies are rotationally formed, and the long moulding process guarantees that the material is nearly indestructible after it’s finished cooking. The plastic dolly is made to fit various euro stacking containers, often known as euro stackers. Because it’s made from a single one-piece mould, it’s smooth and seamless, and it’s exceedingly easy to clean. Ultimately, these plastic dollies are ideal for usage in industrial settings such as manufacturing plants, factories, and warehouses.

Additional information


MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene)


Dimensions (mm) – N/A






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