Blue reusable face shield

Re-usable Plastic Face Shield



- Very strong visor

- Curved rigid profile ensures visor remains close to face for maximum protection 

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Designed and manufactured in the UK in partnership with senior health care represenatives, our plasic face shield is a full face visor designed to protect the face from liquid splashes.  As workplaces adjust to protect against CV19, face shields are an essential piece of protective equipment for key workers in all industries.  Our durable face shields are designed for repeat use, with a large shatter resistant 1.5mm thick visor and adjustable plastic head straps that ensure a comfortable fit.  The units come complete with an optional / removable brow insert.  Injection moulded from food grade materials, the face screens are easy to clean and sterilise.  Supplied in royal blue as standard, other colours are available on request.


Key features of Plastic Face Shield:

  •  Tough moulded design for repeat use
  •  Easy to clean and sterilise
  •  Thick shatter proof 1.5mm visor 
  •  Adjustable strap and comfortable fit
  • Optional removable brow insert
  •  Blue as standard, other colours on request
  •  Proudly made in the UK
  •  PPE products currently VAT




  • Material (Head strap)


  • Visor Material


  • Origin

    Made in the UK

  • Food Grade?


  • Colour

    Royal Blue (others on request)