Order Picking / Collection Truck

Order Picking / Collection Truck

MCT825 is large container truck, with a drop down side that provides easy access for collection, picking and dispense.  This design makes it ideal for application such as collection of cardboard or packaging, laundry, warehouse picking and transportaion of bulky items around a facility.  These containers are a manufactured from virgin food grade plastic and are free of any wood or non-food grade materials.


Like all of our Mobile containers trucks, the order picking / collection trucks are available in various colours options including blue, red, white, yellow and green, with more options on request.  


Key features of theorder picking / collection truck:

  • Drop down side provides easy access
  • 1 piece plastic moulding, no wooden base board
  • Large capacity, our biggest mobile container
  • 4" castors, 2 x fixed & 2 x swivel
  • Ideal for warehouse picking, waste collection and laundry




  • Material

    Food grade plastic (MDPE)

  • External Dimensions

    1300 x 830 x 1180mm (L x W x H)

  • Internal dimensions

    1180 x 730 x 740mm (L x W x Height at the front)

  • Capacity

    885 litres

  • Castors

    100mm (4") 2 x fixed & 2 x swivel