Jumbo roll cage

Jumbo Roll Cage Nestable


Nestable jumbo roll cage, a four sided cage with 4 part split wardrobe style door.  Boasting a large capacity, jumbo roll cages are ideal for large and bulky loads.  The nestable design allows the roll pallet to be folded down when not in use, with multiple trolleys able to nest together to save valuable space in storage and  logistics applications.  Designed to deliver ongoing value through repeat use, jumbo roll pallets are manufactured from high quality steel with durbale zinc plated finish.


Key Features of the Jumbo roll cage nestable:

  • Large storage capacity 
  • Nestable design saves space
  • Strong A frame construction
  • 4 part split door
  • 50x50mm mesh infill
  • Dimensions

    1120 x 765 x 1620mm (L x W xH)


  • Weight capacity


  • Material

    Zinc plated steel