Face Mask - Ear Saver Strap

Face Mask - Ear Saver Strap

Our high quality strap protects your ears when wearing a mask and gives great support to prevent the face mask from slipping.

Manufactured in the UK.


Strong, re-usable & comfortable from £12.99 per pack




Pack of 10 -  £12.99 per unit

Pack of 20 -  £19.99 per unit               

Pack of 50 - £42.99 per unit

Pack of 100 - £79.99 per unit

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Designed and manufactured in the UK in partnership with senior health care represenatives, our Ear Saver Strap is designed to protect the ears reducing potential injuries to workers when wearing a face mask.


Our Ear Saver Strap also helps to prevent masks from slipping reducing the risk of spreading germs or viruses.

As workplaces adjust to protect against COVID-19, our Ear Savers are an essential piece of health and safety equipment for key workers in all industries. 

Designed for repeat use, our Ear Saver Straps can be fitted in seconds and are available to purchase in low quantities (minimum pack of 10 straps).


Supplied in Dark Blue as standard, other colours are available on request.


Key features of Face Mask Ear Saver Strap:

  •  Can be sterilised and re-used
  •  Keeps face mask in place
  •  Adjustable strap and comfortable fit
  •  Blue as standard, other colours on request
  •  Proudly made in the UK
  •  PPE products VAT exempt until 31st of July 2020


**Face Mask not included**


  • Origin

    Made in the UK

  • Food Grade?


  • Colour

    Dark Blue (others on request)

  • Material