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Bread Basket Dolly – 655x555mm basket

£39.00 Ex Vat

  • Designed to fit 10 loaf bread baskets 655 x 555mm, our ref BT10
  • Light weight yet durable
  • Dollies stack together to save space
  • Perfect for bread deliveries
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This robust plastic bread basket dolly, is designed to work with the industry standard 10 loaf bread basket our product ref BT10.  The dolly is a one piece moulding produced in food grade polypropylene, meaning it remains light weight yet robust, able to manage loads up to 150kg.  Whether its for use within the bakery or for making deliveries, this bread basket dolly is the ideal solution for getting bread baskets from the bakery to the customer and back again.  This dolly is available in three variations with regards the retaining rims, it can be fully enclosed, open at one short end or open on one long side.  The open sides is beneficial in some applications as it enables bread baskets to be slid on and off more easily.

Key features of the Bread Basket Dolly:

  • Designed around industry standard 10 loaf bread basket
  • Light weight yet strong  with 150kg weight rating
  • Produced in food grade polypropylene
  • Options to have open sides or fully enclosed retaining rims
  • Bulk discounts apply, contact us for details

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663 x 543 x 150mm (L x W x H)

Weight capacity


Compatible basket / tray

BT10 – 10 loaf bread baskets circa 655 x 555mm