Bakery Tray (30x18") - Solid sides and Base

Bakery Tray (30x18") - Solid sides and Base


One of our most popular products the BT111B is a completely solid stackable plastic tray most commonly used in the bakery industry but also suitable for a wide range of applications.

Manufactured from tough food grade HDPE (high density polyethylene) material the BT111B is ideal for everyday use and available in a wide range of colour options.

It’s super hygienic design allows easy cleaning with no hidden dirt traps.

Along with the rest of the bakery tray range our BT111B is stackable and can be transported using our DOLBT plastic wheeled dolly.

Available in 3 different depths, 90mm, 125mm and 175mm with each size compatible when stacking.

The 30” x 18” size has been used within the food industry for many years and continues to rise in popularity due to its unique design.

Also know as confectionery trays our hygienic bakery trays are perfect for proving dough, storing pastries, dry ingredients in-fact they have a wide variety of uses.

Our BT111B food contact approved plastic stacking trays are also used in other industries such as schools, nurseries, universities and food processors.

For defrosting and maximum air flow we also have our fully and semi perforated options, BT11D and BT111A.

Available in Yellow, Green, Red, Blue and White with other colours available on request.

For easier identification we can also offer printing on one or two sides, this can be your company name, product name, an allergen or anything else required.

Also know as bread baskets the trays are available from stock for immediate dispatch with no minimum order quantity.



Key features of the BT1118 30x18” Plastic Bakery Tray


  • Available in 5 colour options with more colours on request
  • Made from HDPE food grade virgin material
  • Easy to clean and super hygienic
  • Compatible with DOLBT plastic dolly.
  • Solid Sides and Solid Base


  • Material

    HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

  • Dimensions

    External Dimensions (mm) - 765 (L) x 455 (W) x 90 (H)

    Internal Dimensions (mm) - 735 (L) x 425 (W) x 80 (H)

  • Capacity

    20 Litres