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600x400mm Link Dolly

£49.99 Ex Vat

  • Improve efficiency with clever linkable function
  • Very durable with 250kg weight loading
  • Dollies link together on either edge without fixings
  • Handle available


The link dolly is a unique design that enables multiple units to be linked together to form a train or block, whilst ensuring your totes, crates or containers are well supported along the way.

Linkable – The dollies have moulded features on each external edge that enables them to be simply slotted together without the need for any fixings.  Dollies can be joined side to side or end to end, enabling you to adapt the best solution for your environment.

Compatibility – These dollies are designed around euro size containers, able to support 600 x 400mm or two 400 x 300mm containers in various forms.  Supporting straight sided stacking containers and tapered nest able models.  We are always happy to check the crates, totes or trays you have onsite this dolly to ensure compatibility, but this dolly works with the majority.

Strength / durability – Designed for industrial applications this dolly is built to last.  Whilst it only weighs 4.5kg, the linkable dolly can handle 250kg weight loading.

Compact design – This dolly supports totes and containers with minimal overall foot print, helping to improve efficiency across supply chains.

Key features of the linkable dolly: 

  • Linkable without any moving parts or fixings
  • Link on all 4 edges for limitless versatility
  • Very strong and durable with 250kg weight loading
  • Works with Euro standard crates, containers and totes
  • Optional handle
  • Castor locking points enable dollies to be stacked safely

Additional information


HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

External Dimensions

630 x 420 x 180 mm





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