Personal protective equipment has never been more vital to the workforce than at the beginning of 2021. While perspex screens and floor stickers would have been an uncommon sight in the office at the start of 2020, we heavily rely on those safety measures to keep our businesses running today. It’s no longer just tradespeople who need reusable plastic face shields to protect from the likes of wood chips, but essential workers like hairdressers and nurses working in close proximity with their clients.

Set your business off on the right foot by carefully considering PPE in your premises and as part of uniforms. Here is a handy guide for PPE at work in 2021.

Consider Social Distancing

If your business premises are bustling with workers or you’re open to the general public, consider implementing equipment to encourage social distancing between employees and customers. This could include a reception desk screen to protect your admin team, or social distancing floor markers instructing shoppers to remain 1 metre apart. Considering the safety of visitors and employees will make your workplace a much safer place to be, meaning customers will appreciate their time with you more and staff aren’t as likely to need sick leave.

Identify Risks On Your Premises

A great way to determine suitable PPE for your business premises and your employees is to assess your environment’s risks. Anti slip floor markers can alert your workforce or your customers to a hidden step or a fire exit that shouldn’t be blocked under any circumstances. Signposting any risks means that you aren’t liable for accidents relating to the hazard, and people will naturally take more caution around those areas. Adding these onto your floor plan will save you time and hassle in the long run!

Encourage Keeping Clean

Germs pose a greater risk to your employees and customers health and safety than most other physical hazards! Offer plenty of hand sanitiser around your workfloor, regularly sterilise desktops and ensure that antibacterial wipes are readily available. A carefully maintained, clean work environment means that any illnesses that enter your space can’t spread too far. Keeping equipment clean also means that it’ll last longer, and cost you less to replace so that cleanliness will benefit your finances, as well as your customers and your employees.

Remember Fire Safety and First Aid

Keep occupants of your business premises protected with plenty of fire blankets, fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Going above and beyond to ensure that there are fire safety stations and first aid kits available in every room means that customers and employees are better equipped to face any slip, trip or accident. First aid kits and fire safety measures are particularly important if you’re in the catering industry and routinely working with flames or extreme heat that could cause burns and knives that could cause deep cuts.

Provide Disposable Masks

Particularly if you’re a customer-facing business, offering disposable masks to both your employees and visitors to your premises is sensible. You’re demonstrating that you care about your employees and your customer’s health, and doing everything in your power to limit the spread of illness. The last thing you want to do is to turn away custom simply because your clients forgot a mask, so it is wise to be prepared! Catering to your employee’s safety and comfort also encourages the trust they’ll hold in you, directly impacting your business’ productivity.

If you need further advice on selecting appropriate personal protective equipment for your business, or you’re searching for hygienic storage solutions for your catering business, please contact us at Onit Direct.