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Our recycling promise

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Re-use, recycle, repeat

is a mantra that applies to all the plastic products in our range. Our industrial quality products are designed for repeat use, offering a long and useful life cycle across many applications. When they do eventually reach end of life, these types of products can and should be recycled. Plastic crates, storage bins, euro containers, pallet boxes and plastic pallets are typically manufactured from PP or HDPE. Both materials in the form of rigid plastic are very much recyclable.

Our recycling commitment

As a supplier of plastic products, we are committed to facilitating the recycling process with our customers.  Helping to get rid of unwanted plastic product that can take up valuable space on-site and ensure it is properly recycled.

The process is simple, get in touch to discuss the types of material you have, depending on type and volume will put together a plan to uplift and recycle.  We have partnered with experts in this field, able to reprocess end of life products and turn it back into raw materials.  The process includes a collection of scrap material, which is broken down and granulated before being turned back into granule form, ready to be used to make something else. Or in some cases used within a closed-loop, for example, milk crates are reprocessed and the material is used to make more milk crates.

These factors along with the plastic market will also dictate potential value for the scrap material, a potentially worthwhile added bonus that can be used to save you money on your order for a replacement product.

Get in touch to find out more.

Onit Direct
Onit Direct

The RIGHT reusable solution offers sustainable benefits:

  • Cuts down reliance and use of single use packaging
  • Offer a long and useful life cycle with excellent long term value and payback, compared with single-use alternatives
  • Designed to offer efficient handling throughout the supply chain, saving space on vehicles, in production or warehouses
  • Robust construction helps prevent damage to the product, reducing wastage
  • Supports returnable packaging solutions such as glass bottles
  • Material can be recycled and reused at end of life
  • Opportunity to use the material in closed-loop cycles, ie material from the end of life product is used to make a new batch of products
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