Drum roll please…… Introducing insert divider bins.  

If you visited IMHX this September, the UK’s biggest internal logistics and supply exhibition, you will have hopefully seen Onit Direct unveiled as a distribution partner for a new range of insert divider bins.  Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK, we are excited to be working with the team at S&S plastics to bring this interesting new product to the market.  Divider bins bring efficiency to many applications across the supply chain working with industry standard totes and containers.

Established in 2001,IMHX is the UK’s leading intralogistics event for professionals who are involved in the handling, movement or transportation of goods throughout the supply chain.  So very much the perfect platform for a product launch of this nature which unsurprisingly prompted lots of interest and conversations.  In all sorts   about the benefits the tubs bring to huge range of applications ranging from providing extra pick locations, storing parts for line side kitting and even housing wine bottles in transit.

Euro Divider storage bins

A simple but highly effective solution Insert tubs are new solution to maximise storage space within Euro size containers and totes.  Designed to fit within all types of Euro size crates, trays and totes, providing a long lasting and reliable alternative, to carboard, correx or badly fitting fabricated dividers.  See more information – https://onitdirect.co.uk/product-page/insert-divider-tubs/


As ever at the IMHX exhibition, I was blown away by the new technology now available.  Smart warehouses and supply chains, are enabling businesses to meet our demands for faster deliveries and greater availability. One thing that became apparent is that these systems are built around a certain size tote box or tray, typically in the Euro footprint.  This standard tote is throughout the system, with setup and ancillary equipment in place to suit.   But what do you do if requirements change?  Something that is likely in the fast paced world of ecommerce retail, perhaps a new product or SkU that would fit within a smaller space.  It can be deviate to switch to alternative totes without making wholesome changes to the system as a whole.  We believe insert tubs could be an ideal solution.  They can be used within the pre-existing parent totes, with minimal changes to the system infrastructure.   Splitting the system wide totes into multiple bar coded compartments.  Automated systems are all about efficiencies.  By maximising space within existing crates, insert tubs promote exactly this.


Insert divider tubs fit into standard 600 x 400mm totes, splitting a single container into multiple storage locations, maximising the totes and overall space across the supply chain.  Stop storing air and make the most of the space in your totes.

  • Allows multiple SKU’s to be stored in a single tote
  • Two options compatible with all Euro size totes
  • Dedicated space for barcode labelling
  • Exceeds FM Global drainage requirement
  • Tubs easily lift in and out of parent tote
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Reduces waste by replacing single use packaging
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK