As more of us are starting to return to work, is it really possible to do this safely.

Getting back to work is not only important for the economy but for many it is essential for their mental health and wellbeing.

So can we do it safely and how to we help control the spread of COVID-19?

For many of us during this Pandemic working from home has become the norm and going back to an office or production environment now brings it’s own fresh challenges.

Workplaces are being completely re-designed and new processes implemented to allow for safe working practices.

So how do you encourage social distancing within the workplace?

Well products such as social distancing floor markers are important in reminding staff of the 2 metre distancing rule.

Other solutions within the marketplace include social distance seat label markers which encourage staff to leave space between themselves and a co-worker.

This is especially important in busy environments such as canteens and meeting rooms.

Working in fast paced production environment also carries its own set of challenges, how do you keep key workers safe whilst working in an often tight and compact area?

To protect individuals solutions such as face masks or Plastic Face Shields are essential.

They help employees to work safely preventing the risk of liquid splashes or germs being spread.

But wearing face masks on a continuous basis brings it’s own set of challenges, how to you protect from injury to ears?

Simple solutions such as ear savers allow workers to wear face masks for long periods without any risk of injury.

But how to you physically separate work stations and areas of the factory?

Innovative designs such as perspex screens prevent the spread of infection and bacteria by shielding workers.

The way we live is changing and will be constantly evolving as we learn to work in these unprecedented times.

Will it lead to a new wave of innovation, we’ll have to wait and see.