Are you thinking of turning your hobby into a business? If you currently enjoy baking for family and friends but want to open a business and turn your hobby into something serious, you need to think about what equipment is required. Equipment required will vary depending on what kind of products you will be baking, but the main items will most likely be the same across all bakeries.

Some equipment will be pretty obvious, such as an oven and a refrigerator. Still, when it comes to storage solutions and utensils, it could be easier to miss something vital to the smooth running of your bakery. Let’s get started. Here are some of the essential items you will need to start a small bakery:

Baking Equipment


The number one piece of equipment! Without an oven, you can’t bake. Ovens can vary massively in size and price, so it’s recommended you do a lot of research before investing. Find out how many baking trays you will need to meet your baking targets and make sure the oven can accommodate. Also, consider an oven with separate compartments if you will need two different temperatures simultaneously.


The foundation to getting a perfect bake, mixers are an essential part of any bakery. Mixers are available with a vast range of attachments, so the first step is to research what factors are needed for the items you will be baking, for example, a dough hook is best when making bread. Also, consider the quantity you will need your mixer to hold; they are available in many different sizes to cater for all needs.


You will need all sorts of utensils in your bakery, from rolling pins to graters. It’s best to have multiples of each so that you are never stuck without whatever it is you need! Think about what items you will be baking and what items will be required throughout the whole process. For example, if you will be decorating cakes, make sure you have all the accessories such as piping bags and nozzles.


A crucial part of any bakery! List all of the products that you will be baking and ensure that you have all of the tins required for each product. Consider different pans such as springform, which could be worth paying a bit extra for the convenience.

Proofing Box

If you’re baking bread, a proofing box is essential. They come in various sizes, including mobile proofing boxes, smaller in size but less expensive; these are perfect for small bakeries just starting.

Storage Solutions

Food Dispensers & Ingredient Bins

Available in various types and sizes, there are food dispensers & ingredient bins for every need. You should always make sure your storage consists of food-safe materials. You can even get storage bins specifically made for flour, ideal for a bakery. Also available in various colours so that you can allocate different colours to all of your ingredients to keep your bakery organised.

Fridge & Freezer

A fridge is a must-have for storing ingredients such as butter and milk fresh for use. A freezer is also essential, especially if you are baking produce on a large scale. You can freeze cakes in advance so that you can decorate them at a later date, a great way to keep up to date with your orders.

Bakery Trays

A fantastic way to keep your goods organised and stored is with bakery trays. These trays are made with food-safe plastics, ensuring food safety in your bakery. Bakery trays are stackable, providing ultimate storage solutions, especially helpful in small areas. Another great feature of bakery trays is the open front to make unloading of goods as easy as possible, great when you’re busy!


You could keep it simple when it comes to the packaging of your goods, or you can invest and get creative. It is recommended to design a logo and print this onto the bags/boxes that your customers take away with them; this is fantastic advertising for your bakery! Definitely worth the extra bit of money.

These are just a few of the items you will need for opening a bakery, but arguably the above are the most important! You can purchase other equipment along the way as your business demands grow. It is also best to consider other things such as accounting software and an organised filing system; these will require further research to find out what is best for you and your business.

If you are seriously considering starting your own bakery, or you require food storage bins for any other reason, check out Onit Direct’s wide range of products today. If you would like some further information regarding storage solutions, call us on 01636 362025, we’re more than happy to help.