Amongst the panic buying and hoarding one thing that has remained consistent is the commitment by the UK Food manufacturing sector to keep shelves stocked up and food on the table of the British public.

The vital role played by the Food Industry is often underestimated with staff continuing to work in what is often a challenging environment.

We often take for granted the great lengths manufacturers go to to ensure food is produced and delivered at key times such as these.

Fortunately existing tight regulations surrounding food production has resulted in the food industry being equipped to deal with COVID-19 and the additional hygiene levels needed to continue production safely.

Maintaining a high level of hygiene has always been paramount from food grade products such as stacking trays, tote boxes, bakery trays, dollies, pallet boxes to shadowboards allowing colour coding segregation.

Most food production sites will be met with unannounced audits throughout each year and as a result will always continue to maintain such high levels of hygiene.

Whilst we as the public are often quick to praise the NHS workers (and quite rightly so) let’s not forget the hard working people who are working under immense pressure to put food on our tables.