Our euro containers at Onit Direct are a widely accepted industry standard. These plastic euro boxes securely stack with or without lids in place. If you are working to strict colour coding with your euro stacking containers then you needn’t search any further, since our euro stackers are available in a wide range of colour options. Our euro containers are proudly manufactured from tough food grade material, meaning they are ideal for meat processing, bakeries, fish processing, ingredient storage, and much more.


Our range of euro containers and euro boxes also includes plastic dollies to perfectly accompany the euro stacking trays. At Onit Direct,  we offer handles for the dollies available in our euro containers collection, so you can get all your needs for euro boxes met in one place. Whether you are looking for euro containers or the corresponding trolleys, you can find your ideal size in our extensive range.


While Onit Direct’s euro containers are very well suited for the food industry, they are also ideal for use within the manufacturing, automotive, retail, logistics and distribution sectors. 


Shipping and Delivery


  • Order value less than £250  (ex-VAT) - £18.00 delivery*

  • Orders over £250 (ex-VAT)  free delivery

  • Bulky items - Pallet boxes and wheelie bins (660 litre plus), £49.00 delivery

  • Vikan production and hygiene tools - £12.00 delivery 

  • UK mainland only, for Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and overseas deliveries a surcharge may apply.  Contact us for more details.

The ‘Euro’ in ‘euro containers’ refers to the fact that all of the containers are a standard European size, meaning you’re guaranteed consistency throughout your storage solutions.


Our range of plastic euro boxes come in a wide variety of options so whether your industry is a bakery, food manufacturing, hospitality, or anything else; we have euro containers to help your business run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Euro Containers?

Our plastic euro containers offer a multitude of benefits to suit the needs of your industry. From increased efficiency to improved organisation, and more, these handy euro storage solutions are the ideal choice:

  • Increased efficiency: all of our euro containers are easy to carry, transport, and manoeuvre.

  • Improved organisation: our euro stacking boxes come in a wide variety of colour options, allowing you to organise your products easily.

  • Fresher ingredients for longer: we offer perforated euro storage options to allow for ventilation and airflow, meaning your ingredients stay fresher for longer.

  • Recyclable: our euro containers are made from food-grade recyclable plastic, so you can be confident your storage solutions are better for the environment. We also have an economy range made from 100% recycled plastic for all non-food applications.

Types of Euro Containers

At Onit Direct, we offer an array of euro storage containers to suit your industry and business. These include:

  • Colour coded: this allows for easier food-safe organisation processes. They can also be used for ensuring consistency across company branding for a more professional and established view.

  • Solid: our solid plastic euro containers are ideal for when extra durability is needed, such as for heavier items or for when a perforated storage solution isn’t appropriate.

  • Perforated: our perforated euro boxes are ideal for when ventilation and airflow are essential for keeping products as fresh as possible.

  • Recycled: our range of recycled euro containers are perfect if you are looking for bulk storage at a low price (they’re great for the environment too!).

  • Unibox: one of the strongest stacking trays in the market, our unibox containers are perfect for use within the food production process.