Kitting and picking projects often involve transporting a variety of media, doing this safely whilst protecting products can be extremely challenging.

Standard products such as Euro Stacking Boxes are used regularly within warehouse and manufacturing operations however for fragile or non-standard media sizes the ability to protect parts becomes more complex.

At this stage bespoke packaging can introduced.

There are many factors to consider when implementing bespoke packaging solutions, these include:

  • Do the parts need protection from damage when being transported?
  • Will products require segregation for easy identification?
  • Flexibility – will the products stored change regularly, therefore the need to quickly amend internal systems becomes key.
  • What weight loadings are required, will the solution require additional support/reinforcement?
  • Are the parts of high value and will they need to be securely locked?
  • Will the goods be transported externally as well as internally within your factory/manufacturing site?

Of course there is a lot more to consider but these are just some of the questions which need to be asked when implementing bespoke packaging solutions.

If unsure, it is always best to bring in a solutions expert who can guide on the most optimum products for your application.

Companies such as Onit Direct offer free site surveys to provide a step by step project approach when designing new solutions.

Examples of bespoke dividers for an automotive project, each individual section can be adjusted to suit various parts giving total flexibility.

Occasionally bespoke solutions are not needed when the requirement is to only separate SKU’s, for this application products such as divider insert tubs can be introduced.

Insert tubs offer the ability to utilise existing boxes with the flexibility to introduce during peak periods when scaling up is required.

Divider insert tubs offer flexibility when picking.


The requirement for bespoke picking and kitting solutions are not always related to small items, so which storage and handling solutions can be implemented for larger parts?

Pallet boxes or stillages are often used for the storage of larger parts such as engine components, heavy parts and longer lengths.

Example of pallet box

Bespoke divider inserts can also be manufactured to protect parts along with introducing foam protection, designed specifically for the parts stored.

Space also needs to be considered, especially within returnable packaging operations, the ability to fold dividers flat and collapse boxes enables better utilisation of vehicles when transporting.

Folding pallet boxes also give the ability to fully utilise warehouse space which can often be limited within busy manufacturing and picking operations.

Example of folding pallet box.


Product identification is often required to clearly located goods and track parts being used.

This can be implemented in the way of printing or etching, with numbers, letters or bespoke branding.

Product Printing


Implementing kitting and picking product solutions within a new or existing operation can often prove challenging, Onit Direct are a leading supplier of storage and handling equipment working within a wide variety of industries, from food, automotive, fulfilment and distribution.

If you need support with bespoke packaging for your operation get in touch for further information.