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The Scoop on us….

Fair to say that with a name like Onit Direct we have a lot to live up to, but this is exactly what we strive to do. As the name suggests we take service very seriously and our aim is simple, to make it easy for you to source fit for purpose storage and handling equipment that your business can rely on. We believe this is achieved by offering an easy to use and hassle free online store, fully supported by an experienced and accessible team. Solution focussed, we are always keen to work closely with our customers on any requirement large or small, to ensure the most suitable products are put forward for given application. We are confident that this support, combined with a diverse product range gives best value to our customers and in turn builds mutually beneficial longstanding business relationships

What we do….

Our product range provides a diverse selection of industrial quality storage and handling solutions, able to meet challenges across a wide range of industries. Our range includes a wide range of products such as crates and containers, distributions cages, storage bins and trolleys. A young company, we are constantly developing new product ranges, watch this space for the latest innovations.

We support customers in all sectors, with a specific focus towards facilitating the modern supply chain and supporting all areas of the food industry. As a result many of our products are tailored towards meeting the needs of these specific areas, for example many of our products are designed to provide efficient storage and transportation of product. Or designed to meet some of the specific needs of the food production and catering sector, with food grade materials, robust and easy to clean designs.

Committed to sustainability

All of our plastic products are reusable and if matched to the right application will offer a long and useful life. Reusable products can reduce need for single use packaging and the best bit is they are all recyclable at end of life. We even offer a range of products manufactured from reclaimed and reprocessed material, see our eco range of recycled plastic products. We believe it is crucial that all plastic products are recycled and have taken steps to support our customers recycle end of life product. Read more about our end of life products here.


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Why Onit Direct?

  • Buy online hassle free. Our new website gives you the option to find and purchase what you need in a single straight forward transaction. Simple.
  • Transparency, we publish our prices and simple delivery terms online. No nasty surprises or hidden charges.
  • Fast and reliable service. Why wait? We understand that when you need something for your business, you need it! We strive to meet or exceed estimated delivery times.
  • We’ve been around a bit! The Onit team have over 20 years’ experience supplying, designing and manufacturing storage and handling equipment. If you have a question or are looking for a specific solution give us a try.
  • More than just a website, we are here to help and enjoy speaking to our customers. We are always at the end of the phone and can come to site to discuss projects or long term requirements.
  • We have everything required in relation to storage, handling and distribution including delivery crates, Ingredient Bins, Mobile Trucks, Euro Crates, Pallet Boxes, Wheelie Bins, Tote Boxes and much more.
  • Re-use it and then recycle it. Not only do we supply it , we support with the recycling of end of life product
Onit Direct

Our Leadership

Onit Direct

Greg Nelson

President, E-commerce
Onit Direct

Tim Schaeffer

VP of Marketing
Onit Direct

Tanya Harris

VP of Information Technology
Onit Direct

Mark Harrison

VP of Finance
Onit Direct

Sidney Millspaugh

VP of Technology
Onit Direct

Lila Brown

VP of Merchandising
Onit Direct

Dave Brady

VP of Sales and Service
Onit Direct

Amanda Smith

Director of Human Resources
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